Building & Gathering

As winter approached, we focused our attention not only to our garden and weather proofing our RV, but also growing a family business (will link below), as well as gathering Tiny House building materials.

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Home. Home, together. A new life. A new start with our two lives meshed into one. A tiny house to build. A whole lifestyle to fashion. It all seemed so grand, and right there in the here and now. Happening as we planned. Happening as we hoped.

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After spending the night in Manitou Springs, we got up early to go shopping for supplies. The first night showed us, we were going to need a few camping supplies to better make it through the trip.

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Honeymoon Chpt. 1

After getting married, with the help of family and friends we were able to buy our trailer. How exciting! We planned to have our honeymoon be a 2 1/2 week trip cross country, to purchase our tiny house trailer.

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