After spending the night in Manitou Springs, we got up early to go shopping for supplies. The first night showed us, we were going to need a few camping supplies to better make it through the trip.

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Honeymoon Chpt. 1

After getting married, with the help of family and friends we were able to buy our trailer. How exciting! We planned to have our honeymoon be a 2 1/2 week trip cross country, to purchase our tiny house trailer.

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Living Situation

While we were engaged, John and I were tasked with finding ourselves a place to live. We searched for an apartment, and came to the conclusion that renting just wasn’t the option for us.

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After deciding we wanted to build a Tiny House, our next step was to figure out how it should look. We knew that if God willed, our creative abilities, John’s previous home building experience, and my eagerness to learn, could get the house built.

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