Step By Step

God is faithful. In all things, he is faithful. This period of building and gathering, has truly taught us this. Things have not always gone exactly how we planned or hoped, but we are learning how to keep our dreams and goals before us, and before God. Anything worth having, is work; mental work, emotional work, physical work. But, the end results are usually gratifying.

While welding the wheel well flashing, we quickly learned that the type of welder we were using (Stick welder), was not the tool for the job. We needed to use a Mig welder. The difference between the two essentially is, one offers a smooth continuous feeding of
welding material, and the other is reliant on the welder to feed the welding material, which can result in holes in the weld (especially when neither of us are highly skilled welders). The goal of the flashing is to prevent water from getting inside the walls so, holes in the weld are less than desirable. With this discovery, we had to track down an affordable welder to tackle the job. During this time, we moved our focus to other responsibilities, such as the garden, farm projects, and addressing car trouble.

The excitement, of beginning to harvest from our garden, overshadowed some of the disappointment of yet another set back. Being blessed with veggies has cut our grocery bill almost in half. Not to mention, we are even attempting to learn alternative methods of food preservation. Such as drying, fermenting, and next on the list, canning.

As the Lord wills, our goal is a debt-free, sustainable, homesteader lifestyle that enables
us to travel and spend time with those we love. Although some areas have been developing quicker than others, things are progressing, and that is all anyone can ask for.

We are taking small steps forward, but they are steps forward, none the less. To God be the Glory!


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