Patience & Perseverance

One giant step, one significant task was at hand.
Up until this point, we had built the sub-floor – that was as far as we had gotten. We had to wait, and we had to rebuild. The sub-floor had been ripped off the trailer, and built again. The results were beyond rewarding.

The task we had at hand, was to be the furthest we had come with the tiny-house. Unlike like before, one step forward and two steps back, this would be two steps forward! We were on to fabricating flashing for the wheel wells.

If no flashing is present, water will work its way into your wall and cause damage and rot. This task required tracing the arc of the wheel well unto the metal, cutting the metal, grinding the paint off the wheel well, welding the metal to the trailer, then repainting the wheel wells. Needless to say, if you go through Iron Eagle trailers, make sure to order this option already done. Hindsight is 20/20.


Now, with the front door and all of the windows (excluding one) purchased, and the sub-floor complete- we have fixed our eyes on purchasing 2x4s for the first level walls (as the Lord wills).

When attempting to achieve a sustainable life, there is always something to be done. With garden tasks at hand, we set our focus on building the trellises for our climbing vines. We came up with a very utilitarian design using all reclaimed material-3 9ft sections, that can grow as high as 7ft.

God has definitely been teaching us patience and perseverance. We are taking it day by day.









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