Refocusing & Rebuilding

With our project on hold, we set our sights upon the many tasks at hand. Tasks that come, when you take upon the ideal of building a homestead, and a sustainable life.
We had a duck house and a chicken coop to build, a sheep barn to re-roof, a garden to plant,pigs to raise, etc. The list was long, but the tasks were delightful, the results were fulfilling, and time passed along pleasantly and relaxed.

The tiny house stayed however, in the background of our minds. We set ourselves to gathering the final windows, random interior items, and of course, much research. It was a good time to really dig into design and make subtle changes to the plans. Changes that would have large effects upon our day to day life in the actual abode.

Our communal family on the other side of the property, has established a gorgeous flock of chickens, and blessed us with an opportunity to have any of the chicks that their flock brooded. Seizing this opportunity, we acquired a flock of 13 lovely little peeps. Taking
the next step, we started upon a functional and user-friendly coop – we still have to add siding and trim, but it does a wonderful job.

Spring softly wooed us along, and the tiny house started to whisper our names again. We started to gear up our minds in preparation of tackling the disaster of our sub-floor. We knew the plywood was bad, and we were sure the fiberglass insulation was bad underneath. We did not realize the craziness of what we would see, when we lifted the destroyed sub-floor underlayment. Our trailer was literally a swimming pool – filled to the brim with water!! We were shocked! We got out the shop vac, and went to
town. We must have vacuumed out quite literally 500 gallons of water. Then out came the large shop fans. We set them a-blowin’ on that trailer, and left them for days. Dry, Dry, Dry. God aided us with the sunlight. A burst of warm, sunny days provided heat and dryness, and that trailer dried out!

Owens and Corning, just this last month brought to the market, a formaldehyde
free mineral wool (absolutely superb insulation material, although a bit itchy). Encouraged by its Green-Guard certification, natural ability to withstand fire, sound absorbancy, and its ability to repel water, we purchased it. Being so new a product, we had a wait time of a month. With lessons learned, we soldiered on.

(Here is a link to the insulation, in case you are interested.)


One thought on “Refocusing & Rebuilding

  1. That’s awesome about the insulation find! I’m sure its worth the extra cost! Also, that chicken coop looks great. So do you keep those chickens in the ‘pine grove’? Maybe that will encourage the rest of the flock to start exploring that side of the property rather than the neighbors yard. Haha

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