Sometimes When It Rains

Things were looking up. It was all happening so smooth. God was raining materials out of the sky for us. Both the Kitchen (a $500 sink for $70), and a beautiful porcelain bathroom sink – both still in the box. As if still in the package wasn’t enough, both are under-mount sinks! Exactly what we had been looking for.


We found almost all of the windows we were looking for, from various Habitat for Humanity Restores, and Craigslist. We love windows! We wanted lots of windows. It soon became apparent that, if we were not careful, we were going to end up with a glass house. One day we found our dream window, a brand new 5′ skylight!

Interior home products, popped up both in our treasure hunts at goodwill, and our material ravages at habitat restore. Things like blinds ( the lovely reed, roll up style!), baskets of diverse sort, and many other items.

This time of gathering, was a period of waiting as well. Being that we were buying all second hand windows (though many still brand new, just unused), we could not plan exact window sizes, so we needed to acquire them all before we could frame our house.

Materials rushed in, and rain poured down. Much more rain than our meager tarp could hold out. Time and again our subfloor was wet, and dried by the sun. Wet more often than dry. Spring roared its hardest, and our floor succumbed. One fateful day, we went and pulled the tarp back and saw the nasty disaster of the warped madness. The sub-floor boards were shaped like rainbows, turned on their backs.

It was hard not to despair. We took some deep breaths, prayed a prayer for help, and pressed on. Forming a plan to clean out one of the sheep barns and to move the trailer in, we set ourselves to the projects at hand, and put the whole miserable thing out our minds.

A bit deterred, but still determined.


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