Building & Gathering

As winter approached, we focused our attention not only to our garden and weather proofing our RV, but also growing a family business (will link below), as well as gathering Tiny House building materials.

The very first project- our composting toilet. A composting toilet uses organic matter, such as wood shavings, or leaves, instead of water to dispose of waste. We watched several videos on how different people built and designed their toilet, coming up with a design of our own. We purchased a wooden seat from Home Depot, as well as 2x4s and Cedar, from Menard’s. It turned out beautifully (once the Tiny House is built, +we will backtrack and tweak our design a bit, but for now, it works great!).

The biggest question most people have for us – does it stink? The simple answer, is no. With the use of a urine separator, we are able to keep liquids and solids separate. A layer of sawdust after use, prevents oxygen from reaching the undesirables (don’t mean to offend with all of this bathroom business). If God wills, John and I would like to live a sustainable, and “Eco-friendly” life – appreciating our natural resources and being responsible with how we use them.

After the toilet was built, we began gathering windows – in able to build the walls on our sub-floor, we had to have the dimensions of the windows, and front door. Habitat for Humanity Restores and Craigslist, became one of our new favorite past times. We seized every opportunity to stop at locations on the East and West-side of the state.We
haggled prices, and with God’s grace, came home with absolute steals! Not to mention, we were taking use of building material that would otherwise, go to complete waste.

Bit by bit, we were collecting pieces of our home in our brother and sisters basement. What a sight, it all was to see.

***Family Business: You can can also find BenchDog Studio on Etsy! Feel free to check us out!***


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