Home. Home, together. A new life. A new start with our two lives meshed into one. A tiny house to build. A whole lifestyle to fashion. It all seemed so grand, and right there in the here and now. Happening as we planned. Happening as we hoped.

In the midst of this newlywed bliss, reality struck. We needed to buy a vehicle, get insurance etc. A nice Jeep Grand Cherokee, that is serving us well to this day. This, took a bite out of our finances. We also were very busy building our business (custom woodworking), and our entire Homesteader lifestyle– Harvesting, storing,
learning lessons all the while.

So, there our trailer sat. All its promise of a grand home, just sitting out in the coming snow of November. That cold Northern wind, ushering in Winter. Dreary…long…cold…

At this point, we had to focus our energy on our living situation (a camper), and how we were going  to last through the winter in a thin, un-insulated tin shell, with nothing for heat, but a small space heater. The first month, we survived under a pile of blankets. Clutching each other tight for warmth. The next month, we insulated the windows and bought a heater blanket.. Ohh the bliss of the warm hug offered from this sweet, loving device. Months drug on, and our tiny house trailer just sat.

Winter passed slowly, as we busied ourselves with the day to day. Darkness however, passed into dawn. Lovely green plant shoots, signs of Springs to come, started to show through the cold, hard ground. Sunlight began to peak through the gray, dreary clouds.

The trailer began to once again, call our names. A start needed to be made.  So, we built the sub-floor. It was wonderful to see a home start to take place, on our faithful trailer.

For the first time, we could take in the size of the floor, and how big the home really would be. It was delightful.


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