Honeymoon Chpt. 4 – The Coast

Rolling into Nor Cal, we found a gorgeous waterfall. It was quiet and tucked away, yet so welcoming. Nice, back-road country-side. A small adventure to commence our arrival into a new state.

We slept up on a mountainside campsite. There was no one except us, and two mountain men, who seemed to have claimed this little part of the wilderness as their own. Our temporary neighbors.

Finally, we hit the coast of Northern California. The air was frigid and heavy with salt. The waves were fierce. The water, uncomfortably cool.

As we headed North on 101, we drove through Samoa, California – stopping at the beach to walk along the coast. The ocean waves crashed against the shore. We spent the night making friends with other campers. Other adventurers, passing through.

Before we knew it, the coast was behind us, and The Redwoods were greeting us.

After receiving advice from locals, Fern Canyon became our next small adventure. A place you would no doubt, associate with the word “prehistoric”. It was so dense and vast. I had only felt that small once before, and that was when I stood beside the ocean.

The trees were gianormous. The ground cover was lush and green, mossy, with dead wood scattered in between.

We continued up 101 until we made it to the Oregon coast. Fresh sea food, was our first meal. A relaxing evening, awaited us.

Coming into Portland, we found a unique campground flooded with Air Streams and Yurts. We did some Portland adventuring, and finally, the day we had been waiting for, arrived. It was time to pick up the trailer! Excited doesn’t even begin to explain how we were feeling.

We now owned a little part of our future together.

Things seemed to be winding down. We were heading home. Planning and building, would be our next “big adventure”.


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