Honeymoon Chpt. 3 – Mishaps

We drove straight through Utah, stopping only to make coffee on roadside fires. The sights were shocking – the dark reds of the rock, canyons deep and wild. Salt flats, that looked like great patches of snow stretching for miles. Cliffs, dropping off mountains. Buttes and plateaus, bluffs and Mesas. A place that will capture your imagination, whilst stealing your heart.

We made it to Nevada late into the night, and our only goal was to  find a place to sleep. We stopped by a convenience store/ mini casino (the only civilization in sight). It quickly became apparent why Highway 50, is called “The loneliest road in America”.

After doing a little searching, we stumbled upon a nice place to park. From what we were told, in Nevada, any land that is not private property is fair game for camping. The landscape was vast and wide open. There was nothing to break our view of the far distant mountains, except shrubs and tumble weeds. To be honest, we felt a bit naked – vulnerable, but we welcomed the adventure.

loneliest road

Being too tired to unpack, we spent the night in the back of the truck, taking in the brilliance of the stars.  It’s amazing how brightly they shine, when there’s no other light competing for your attention.

The next day, was spent trucking across Nevada. While passing through the desert, we stopped at Sand Mountain. After stopping, we realized we made a huge error in judgement. It was over 100 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. The sun was beating down on us, and we had hardly any water to quench our thirst. Our mission was quickly abandoned after taking a few photos.

Before we knew it, we were nearing the boarder of California. Dom, confidently navigated the majority of our course cross-country, until our little “mishap”.  We seemed to have missed the small highway on which we were meant to merge, and almost ended up in Oregon before the scheduled time. After seeing road signs, we promptly turned around and headed back South. A new destination awaited us.


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