After spending the night in Manitou Springs, we got up early to go shopping for supplies.
The first night showed us, we were going to need a few camping supplies to better make it through the trip. We hit up the local grocery store and thrift shop. After some good finds, we stopped in a quiet neighborhood park, and cooked up a roadside meal before heading to Pikes Peak.

A lady at our campground had been up the mountain the day before, and had quite the horror story. As we got closer and closer to the point of no return, we kept thinking back to the things she had said – the closeness of the road to the cliffs edge, the lack of guard rails, and the great dizzying heights. It took a bit of convincing ourselves that it would be alright, but we did it.

Driving up that mountain is no joke, but well worth it. The views at the top were breathtaking. The lack of oxygen was heavy upon us, and anything more than the slightest exertions left us panting.

We made the drive down and went to look for lodging. That night was spent at a roadside camp where we regrouped for our trip towards the west side of Colorado.

We loved the sights, laughed together, and spent the day in awe. As night encroached upon us, we camped in the wild at a spot that was gorgeous beyond description. Quiet and peaceful, yet vast and so full of life.

The following day, we made out for Nevada. The terrain changed, and what had been woodland and mountains, became desert and canyons. Dry and hot. Wild and free.


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