Honeymoon Chpt. 1

After getting married, with the help of family and friends we were able to buy our trailer. How exciting! We planned to have our honeymoon be a 2 1/2 week road trip cross country, to purchase our tiny house trailer. Destination, Portland, Oregon.

The night after being married we set off – bought a map and planned our course. We drove through the night with coffee, music, conversation, and little sleep to console us. Every moment, like a word being added to “Our story”. Utter happiness. Praise God!

We made the decision to drive through the night, taking Highway 80 almost the entire way. We made it through the plain states and into Colorado, what a beautiful place!
We wanted to visit Pikes Peak, so we drove down to Colorado Springs for our first stay. We were directed to a town adjacent to it, named Manitou Springs (a gorgeous and vibrant place to visit.)

We stayed at a beautiful cob motel named El Colorado Lodge. If you are ever passing through, this is the place to stay. We spent the first night relaxing, enjoying each others company, and grilling the heirloom vegetables we brought from our garden


That night, we were treated to the view of a storm blowing in off the mountains. The clear sunny sky, was met with dark gray clouds, and soon the rain began to fall. Despite the storm, things seemed almost peaceful and quiet. That moment was umforgettable -absolutely picturesque.

We were so full of love, joy,  and wanderlust. What a sight it all was to see. It was the first leg of our journey, and we were looking forward to what was in store.



4 thoughts on “Honeymoon Chpt. 1

  1. Congratulations on your marriage. It must be very exciting for the both of you. My husband and I are also on a rving journey and we are 50 yrs old. Marriage only gets better with time if you really love someone. Take care and visit our blog some time.

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