After deciding we wanted to build a Tiny House, our next step was to figure out how it should look. We knew that if God willed, our creative abilities, John’s previous home building experience, and my eagerness to learn, could get the house built.

In the beginning stages of designing, YouTube became our new best friend. Whenever we could, we would watch videos of Tiny House dwellers and Tiny House builds- eating the meat, and spitting out the bones.

Two things quickly became apparent. First, that we needed to have windows, and plenty of them. Having ample natural light creates an airy and welcoming space. Second, you need to maintain open sight-lines. Walls in such a small space makes things feel cramped.

Once the basics were established, and we knew the dimensions of our intended structure, we began creating a floor plan via a program called HomeByMe. It worked perfect for us! It was free, we could access the same building plans from both of our computers, and when we were finished with the blue prints, we could see a 3-D model.

As we continued along in our planning, we tweaked certain things, and became more specific with the design. But ultimately, what we found important for our home in the beginning, remained the same.

It was during this period, that we also found the trailer we wanted to use as our foundation. We played with the idea of reusing an old trailer, and even building our own, but concluded that we wanted to be assured our foundation was solid so, we planned to purchase a trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers.

Designing your own home is exciting and scary! You have to take every little thing into consideration, from correct weather proofing, to deciding which socket goes where. But in the end, we believe it will all be worth it.


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