Truth be Told

With this blog, we don’t want to focus so much on the Tiny House, that we forget to give God the glory.

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Good Things Come, to Those Who Wait

We want something different, which is why we’re building a tiny house.

There seems to be a trend in today’s society, where instant gratification is desired. You can shop with a click of a button, have your food delivered to you at your door step, and even purchase items with money you don’t have.

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It’s no secret, we love to travel! But, with our first year of marriage being about creating solid foundations, taking off to explore, hasn’t always been easy. Despite this reality, we have indeed found time to get away.

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Step By Step

God is faithful. In all things, he is faithful. This period of building and gathering, has truly taught us this.

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Patience & Perseverance

Up until this point, we had built the sub-floor – that was as far as we had gotten. We had to wait, and we had to rebuild. The sub-floor had been ripped off the trailer, and built again. The results were beyond rewarding.

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Refocusing & Rebuilding

With our project on hold, we set our sights upon the many tasks at hand. Tasks that come, when you take upon the ideal of building a homestead, and sustainable life.

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Sometimes When It Rains

Things were looking up. It was all happening so smooth. God was raining materials out of the sky for us.

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